Fortnite Season 3 is ready to bring you epic matches! Get your skills ready because you will compete against enemies in tougher battles. To conquer all of them, you must gear yourself up with nice weapons. The special thing about Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 3 is that it keeps mythic weapons around and this routine remains mostly the same. Players are required to pick up all Fortnite BR mythic weapons from boss characters. Also, you must try your best to obtain them or just attempt to become an opportunistic player. So, where to find those mythic weapons on a brand new Fortnite BR map? If you are eager to get these weapons, you will want to know where to get them! When you have some mythic weapon options, choose the one that fits your style of play most!

Fortnite Battle Royale Season 3: Where To Pick Up Mythic Weapons

Where to find mythic weapons in Fortnite: BR Season 3 and which boss you have to fight to get them

The mythic drum gun and glider gun of Jules

For these Fortnite Battle Royale season 3 mythic weapons, you can come to the Authority building in the middle of the map to find them. That place was the location of the Agency before. Similar to the Agency, it is not easy to enter due to the heavy guard. Jules’ is there waiting for a battle against you! To get the mythic drum gun and glider gun, you have to beat Jules. The drum gun of Jules is somewhat less strong than the drum gun of Midas. It dishes out one less point of damage at a lower fire rate and does not deal much damage to structures. However, the gun can still pierce through most things.

The glider gun of Jules is considered to be a souped up edition of the glider gun of Batman. Jules’ gun features an unreasonable range that lets you get away from fall damage, but when flying around, you will be exposed to attacks.

The mythic burst assault rifle and bottomless chug jug of Ocean

You can come to the Fortilla location in the southwest part of the map to find Ocean. Make sure you check out if there is a guard there, then try to reach their location and use your skills to beat them. Once you have defeated Ocean, you will get the mythic burst assault rifle and the bottomless chug jug from him. For the chug jug, it features unlimited uses to grant you valuable shield points.

Now, the mythic burst assault rifle fires in two-shot bursts instead of three, causing its pure DPS to be somewhat slower, even though it dishes out more damage to structures in this Fortnite Season 3.

For your information, Ocean wears a Brutus’ Ghost faction helmet. With this gear on her head, you will find it harder a bit to pick her out from the crowd of guards.

Try to get a mythic gun in Fortnite BR Season 3 and use it to beat your enemies
Try to get a mythic gun in Fortnite BR Season 3 and use it to beat your enemies

The mythic charge shotgun and shockwave launcher of Kit

For the Kit’s mythic weapons in Fortnite BR Season 3 game, you have to move to a reformed area where Meowscles was hanging out in Fortnite BR Season 2 after Deadpool kicked him off of his yacht, and that area is called Catty Corner.

Now, the area Catty Corner is basically a bachelor pad of Meowscles and Kit, and of course, it is full of guards. For your information, Kit is just known as a little cat that is in charge of controlling a robotic body. Due to this, you will find it hard to pick him out from the guards at first. You can try shaking down a guard to find him, and once you have found him, beat him quickly.

The mythic charge shotgun and shockwave launcher of Kit

After defeating Kit, you will get the mythic charge shotgun! This is one of the best Fortnite Battle Royale shotguns as it now features a five-shot magazine rather than just three. The charge shotguns featured in Season 3 have a little circular gauge showing if they are fully charged or not. You just simply need to hold the shoot button to fill up the gauge. Once it is full, quickly release it to dish out more damage. The amount of damage dished out by this shotgun is much more other average charge shotguns, which is exactly 150 damage. For a headshot from the gun, you can dish out around 220 damage to your enemy.

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The shockwave launcher of Kit utilizes rocket ammo, but it basically works as just a shockwave grenade wherever you shoot. Due to this, you or enemies have a chance to be launched into the air.

That’s all for the mythic weapon spawn locations in Fortnite Battle Royale 3. Hopefully, this Fortnite Season 3 guide provides you enough information on where to get mythic weapons, what they do for you, and which boss you must defeat to obtain them!

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